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JACK gEBALLE, ma, apcc*


Pronouns: He/him

Jack is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor in the State of California (#3789) and is clinically supervised at RtW by Katherine M. Zwick, MA, LPCC (#3334).

Locations: Santa Cruz & Oakland

Jack provides individual, couples, family and group therapy at the outpatient level of care to adolescents and adults at RtW.

Jack joins RtW with 10 years of experience treating eating disorders within acute care settings. The primary populations he works with are:

  • Transgender, non-binary, queer, and gender expansive individuals of all ages

  • Individuals struggling with body dissatisfaction and/or an eating disorder

  • Complex Trauma & PTSD

Jack’s interest in understanding the challenges and patterns faced by his clients is rooted in his own recovery experience. Jack is transgender and in recovery from an eating disorder, which informs his intention to create a space that is gender affirming, holistic, and one that differentiates between dysmorphia and gender dysphoria. The intersection of body image, trauma, and gender identity is an intricate presentation that Jack can assist clients in better understanding.

Jack is a trauma-informed, somatic practitioner and approaches therapy from a gender affirmative perspective. His framework is built upon Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, which use body-based or body-focused interventions to address attachment systems, somatic activation, and general discomfort in the body.

Jack’s approach takes into account that there are multiple systems at play within the body and encourages and coaches attendance to the body’s innate, yet potentially undiscovered natural resources. He will provide you with experience and practice of somatic awareness in sessions, while teaching you concrete tools to improve self-care outside of therapy.

Jack consults with other gender affirmative providers regularly as a member of Mind the Gap, The Santa Cruz Transgender Consultation Group, and the Gender Identity Awareness Network. He is a past chair member of the IAEDP Central Coast Chapter.

Jack can be reached at jack@ridethewaverecovery.com

*Formerly Ashley Geballe, APCC #3789