RtW Letters Fundraiser

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What is the RTW LETTERS fundraiser?

At RtW clinicians have volunteered to provide a certain number per year of free letters for gender affirming medical interventions for trans and gender-non-conforming individuals in order to increase the overall access to these letters in the Santa Cruz and Oakland communities.

RtW seeks to help remove the financial barrier to accessing letters required for gender affirming medical intervention so that this financial burden is not placed on trans/GNC individuals.

To this end, each clinician who specializes in gender affirming care at RtW has committed to providing at least one free letter per quarter - 4 annually per clinician - at RtW.

That said, the Executive Director Kat Zwick would like to be able to pay RtW’s clinicians for their time and skilled labor in providing this service for the community, even though they have volunteered their time to do this. Kat Zwick will continue to provide letters pro bono herself, but/and as the employer, she would like to be able to pay her pre-licensed employees for their provision of free letters.

RtW is a tight-margin business that runs more on socialist principles than capitalist ones, serving a large number of sliding scale clients as part of its mission, and there is no room in the budget to pay clinicians at this time for completely free services.

For this reason, Kat has started an ongoing fundraiser that will support paying RtW clinicians for their labor in supporting trans and gender non-confirming clients in obtaining free letters that are required under the current WPATH standards of care.  

The total cost of this service at RtW yearly is currently $2400. This amount allows clinicians and their supervisors to be paid at their regular rate for the time and task of providing free gender affirming letters for medical intervention in accordance with the WPATH standards of care while simultaneously removing the financial burden to do so from clients in need. 

Kat Zwick is run-walking the Honolulu Marathon in December 2019 and in conjunction with this race is raising money for free letters labor at RtW.

You can donate to the RtW letters fundraiser between now and December 8, 2019 via Kat’s marathon fundraising page. Thereafter there will be another place to contribute if you would like.

All proceeds from the fundraiser will be directed to RtW clinicians and their supervisors exclusively for their provision of free letters to trans and gender non-conforming people in need. If not all funds are used within a given year, the funds will roll over to the next year and will only be used for the purposes of free assessments and letters for trans/GNC individuals. If for some unforeseen reason RtW closes its business doors with a surplus from this fundraiser, Kat Zwick will collaborate with other trans/GNC providers to determine the best use of the surplus funds in the trans/GNC community.

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