Location: Santa Cruz


mindful movement group

wednesdays 9am - 10am

on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz

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Are you recovering from a compulsive or self-abusing relationship with “exercise?”

Or do you have difficulty adding healthful movement into your life?

Do you struggle with symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD, emotional and/or physical sensitivity, or have a history of trauma?

This group is designed to support mindful, healthful movement that at the same time promotes bilateral processing and attunement in the body and mind.

In this group, movers will be encouraged to let go of judgment about “pace” and calories.

This group will seek to ignite and maintain healthful movement for those who avoid movement or struggle to move.

And this group will promote the mental and physical benefit of our body’s own medicine – balanced and healthful movement.

We will meet at a designated spot on West Cliff at 9am on Wednesday mornings.

There will be 30 minutes of mindful movement, guided by Kat Zwick, and then 30 minutes of group processing together.

Each group member will be encouraged to move in a manner that is personally easeful and health-supporting. Group members are not expected to match anyone else’s activity or pace.

The group will end at 10am.

All group members must be medically and clinically cleared for 30 minutes of walking, jogging, or running in order to participate in this group.

This group is run by Kat Zwick. You will need to meet with Kat at least once prior to joining the group. After being approved to join the group, group members are asked to make a month-at-a-time commitment to the group.