Location: Santa Cruz

Ongoing Process Groups:

Women in Recovery I - tHURSDAYS 6:30-8PM 

Women in Recovery II - Mondays 4-5:30pm 

Women in Recovery I and II groups are open to cisgender and trans adult women looking to enter into or deepen their recovery from trauma, codependency, eating disorders, or other addictions. This group focuses on internal family systems, external family systems, and the power of honesty in relationship with other women and themselves. All potential group members need to be assessed before joining these closed groups. These two groups are run by Katherine. 

Emotional Sobriety

mondays 7-8:30pm 

Emotional Sobriety is a group appropriate for adults deepening their recovery from trauma, codependency, eating disorders, or other addictions who seek emotional balance and interdependence in their work, love, and friend relationships. This is an all-gender group. All potential group members need to be assessed before joining this closed group.  This group is run by Katherine. 


Wednesdays 7-8:30pm

How do we navigate a world in which power and authority structures exist and impact us, in both positive and negative ways, while maintaining recovery? How do we challenge the “status quo” both internally and externally while taking care of ourselves and vice versa? How do we bring our psychological wellness into alignment with our radical beliefs and practices?

This process group is for those recovering from eating disorders, addictions, and codependency who identify as Queer, Gender Expansive, Trans*, Poly, Kinky, and/or otherwise subverting of hegemonic "norms," wherein an explicit aspect of the group is looking at recovering from larger oppressive systems, in addition to internal personal symptoms. The group also explores how to incorporate Radical Acceptance into an activist or counter (dominant) cultural life or belief system.

This group includes as an overt component examining group members' relationship to power and authority in the therapy relationship itself, as clients seek radical recovery not only from eating disorders, addictions, and codependency but also from entrenched dynamics that no longer serve them in relation to authority figures and institutions. As a therapist is a type of authority figure and Ride The Wave Recovery is an institution, the interplay of power, authority, and recovery is up for observation, discussion, and healing work in this group in the here-and-now.

The group is also open to monogamous, cis, non-kinky, and/or het clients who may identify as personally or politically subversive in some way(s) and would like to bring their spiritual, physical, and/or psychological recovery into alignment with their more radical belief systems.

The group includes some readings and discussion, but is primarily a here-and-now process group. The group is run by Katherine. All potential members must be assessed prior to joining the group.

Groups coming in the near future:

Video-based Recovery CoACHING Group

Professionals in Recovery