Ride the wave...

Ride the wave is an expression that reminds us that sorrow, pain, happiness, triggers, relapses, slips, high highs, low lows, and everything in-between need not be waves that consume us, overtake us, define us, or drown us; rather we can gently and skillfully navigate these waves, from the surface, as if on a psychological or spiritual surfboard, with the help of others, our Wise Mind, our Higher Power, or Self, or Source keeping us afloat.

In recovery, above all, we have options, and remembering we have options helps us ride the wave. 

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The Mission of

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Transformative Relationships

Ride The Wave Recovery’s therapeutic mission is to bring transformative group, individual, and family therapy to clients of all genders living with or in recovery from eating disorders, addictions, codependency, and trauma in the Santa Cruz & Oakland areas.

RtW believes fiercely in the capacity of every person who truly wants it to achieve lasting joy in recovery and to be in the flow, riding the undulating, unpredictable, immeasurably awe-inspiring wave of life.

RtW believes this capacity invites rigorous honesty, a willingness to change, and an openness to the idea that together we can do what we could never do alone.

Because RtW believes relationships are so important to recovery, Ride The Wave Recovery is particularly committed to providing group psychotherapy as a main component of its outpatient offerings. Together, recovery is truly possible.

Diversity & Inclusion

RtW is committed to providing its therapeutic services to a diverse community of those in recovery in Santa Cruz & Oakland; we proudly serve trans, non-binary, and cisgender clients, clients of various sexual orientations and abilities, and a wide array of cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds.

We at RtW are committed to looking at the impact that covert and overt oppressive systems have on individual mental health and relationship health for those we treat. We acknowledge the authority role we occupy as clinicians and strive to be open to seeing the ways in which this intersects with our various identities, whether covert or overt. We seek to help make speakable the impact these aspects may have on our clients and on the therapeutic relationship. We dialectically and actively seek ways to share power with our clients and assist clients in stepping into their own power, both in therapy and in their lives outside therapy. 

Our Common Wellness & Justice

RtW believes that our collective wellness has a direct impact on our community's health and our individual mental health. RtW is committed to contributing, through financial philanthropy, to organizations and causes that promote the public good, our common welfare, common well-being, and common justice. Please feel free to ask the owner what organizations and causes RtW makes contributions to, in accordance with this mission. Additionally, RtW is committed to offering sliding scale services to clients in need, as RtW is able to.