Now Serving OAKLAND!

We are very excited to announce that Ride The Wave Recovery is expanding to Oakland, CA! As of September 1, we will be able to see clients of all genders recovering from eating disorders, addictions, codependency and trauma in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland. We are so stoked! Email or call as at 831-275-5481 to learn more and to set up a consultation and/or assessment for services in Oakland!

NEW: Business Entity & Name!

This is a pretty simple announcement that Ride The Wave Recovery - previously a sole proprietorship - is now Ride The Wave Recovery: Professional Clinical Counselor PC, which is a Corporation founded and led by Katherine M. Zwick. This change does not make much of a difference to clients or staff, but/and given that we’re keeping the same website, we wanted to make an official “here’s what is happening” announcement! Or as the French say: announcement!

NEW group! Mindful Movement



on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz

Contact us HERE to schedule an assessment! 

Are you recovering from a compulsive or self-abusing relationship with “exercise?”

Or do you have difficulty adding healthful movement into your life?

Do you struggle with symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD, emotional and/or physical sensitivity, or have a history of trauma?

This group is designed to support mindful, healthful movement that at the same time promotes bilateral processing and attunement in the body and mind.

In this group, movers will be encouraged to let go of judgment about “pace” and calories.

This group will seek to ignite and maintain healthful movement for those who avoid movement or struggle to move.

And this group will promote the mental and physical benefit of our body’s own medicine – balanced and healthful movement.

We will meet at a designated spot on West Cliff at 9am on Wednesday mornings.

There will be 30 minutes of mindful movement, guided by Kat Zwick, and then 30 minutes of group processing together.

Each group member will be encouraged to move in a manner that is personally easeful and health-supporting. Group members are not expected to match anyone else’s activity or pace.

The group will end at 10am.

All group members must be medically and clinically cleared for 30 minutes of walking, jogging, or running in order to participate in this group.

This group is run by Kat Zwick. You will need to meet with Kat at least once prior to joining the group. After being approved to join the group, group members are asked to make a month-at-a-time commitment to the group.


NEW Staff at RtW!

Hey you, Santa Cruz! Pretty happy to announce some new staff and new staff roles at RtW!

Jack Geballe, MA, APCC #3789* - Therapist Pronouns: He/him - Jack is beginning at Ride The Wave Recovery in January 2019! Jack brings with him specialized training in treating trans, non-binary and gender-expansive clients as well as those recovering from eating disorders and addictions. He is trained in sensorimotor psychotherapy and Gestalt and psychodrama techniques, which he uses to assist clients in embodying and processing their experiences in ways other than just sitting and talking. Jack will be seeing individuals, couples, and families. We are delighted to have him join our team! Jack will be clinically supervised by RtW Owner Katherine M. Zwick, LPCC #3334. You can read more about him on his Bio page on RtW's website soon!

Lauren Reppy, LMFT #90684 - Clinical Assessor Pronouns: She/her - We are stoked to announce that Lauren Reppy has added a new role to her work at Ride The Wave Recovery! She is now performing clinical assessments for incoming clients, in addition to offering her Technology in Balance group to teens and their parents. Lauren may be one of the first people clients meet at RtW, as she conducts in-person clinical assessments with potential clients at RtW offices. She will inquire into clients' current difficulties and treatment goals, obtain their clinical history, and help connect clients with a therapist and services at Ride The Wave Recovery that are a good fit for them. You can read more about her on her Bio page on RtW's website.

*Formerly Ashley Geballe, APCC #3789

New Year's Resolution: DON'T DIET in 2019!

Yo yo yo, Santa Cruz!

Now's the time we start seeing all those unhelpful annual messages enticing us to diet, drink meal-replacement beverages, engage in cleanses, and over-exercise after the holidays, ostensibly to get rid of the presumed weight that was gained while eating with our loved ones in December... Hmmm. We are not a fan of this messaging at RtW. And - there IS an alternative to this diet-based mentality  - and that alternative is INTUITIVE EATING. Registered Dietitian Kat Brown will once again lead this 12-session series that helps client move past a diet framework and learn to tune in to their body's true nourishment and movement needs while accepting their body shape, size, and appearance. The group starts in mid-March, and we begin assessing clients for this group in January! Email us to find out more or to set up an assessment!

march 2019 intuitive eating online advert.jpg

Statement from Owner in Support of Trans, Non-Binary & Gender Expansive Clients

Statement from the Owner:

Ride The Wave Recovery stands in support of trans, non-binary, and gender expansive clients.

My business stands against any attempts made in public policy to erase or eradicate these identities and those that seek to decrease the human rights of these populations.

Research shows that the TGNC population experiences significant psychological and physical marginalization, invalidation, and violence and, often related to this, experiences a higher incidence than the general population of suicide, eating disorders, addictions and other mental illnesses.

As a business owner of a practice that treats eating disorders, addictions, depression, posttraumatic stress, and TGNC clients, I must stand against public policy that threatens to increase the psychological and physical harm to those in the TGNC community. Even if we did not treat these populations, my understanding of our common humanity would compel me to take a stand against inhumane practices, policies, and statements at the local and national level.

RtW respects gender pronouns. We respect the gender identities stated by our clients. We seek to provide affirming clinical care. We support public policy that offers human rights and justice to TGNC people everywhere.

I would also like to link you to statements from USPATH and WPATH on this matter. Click HERE for those statements.

Katherine Zwick

To Survivors Feeling Gaslit By The National Conversation on Sexual Assault

If you need to - turn off the news.

Hide any posts on Facebook that pertain to the backlash Dr. Ford is receiving.

Don't read comment sections in news articles or blog posts about this matter.

Recognize your limits and respect them. No need to justify them to yourself or anyone else.

Make your surviving and thriving the focus of your beautiful radical life. 

If you feel angry, anxious, guilty, ashamed, if you have flashbacks and nightmares, and memories of who didn't believe you, who didn't validate you, whom you knew you couldn't tell - and maybe still can't; if you notice fear of the dark, strangers, loved ones, being alone anywhere creeping back in, if your neck hairs raise more quickly right now, if your startle response is suddenly even higher than usual, if you notice you cannot sleep and you don't know why: respect this as your body reminding you that you have limits to what you can withstand, and your first priority is to your wellness, safety, and thriving. See these as gentle alarms of consciousness asking for your attention and love and tenderness. Tenderness that is your right. Your precious and absolute right.

Wrap yourself in a blanket. Sip hot tea. Ask a loved one to hold you. Wear your coziest clothes. If you want and need, reach out to talk through what's coming up for you. Call your local Rape Victim Advocacy organization for support. Talk to your therapist.

Create a collage of welcoming, comforting pictures, scenes, words, places.

You may know this one is coming, but yes, take a hot bath. It's cliche because it's a great one.

Engage in mindfulness activities. Breathe in self-compassion, breathe out compassion for others. Make a t-shirt with a Sharpie that says "Resilient AF."

Design your next tattoo - whether you're going to get it or not. 

Sing. Sing for at least 10 minutes. You don’t have to “be a singer.” Feel the music all around you and within you and sing. Sing a soothing song. Sing a song of rage. Sing a song of redemption. Sing a powerful song. Sing a gospel song.

As you sit right where you are, start to imagine all the survivors that exist in the whole entire world. All the people, men, women, children, trans and non-binary folks, elders, literally everyone, who is a survivor of assault. Imagine that you are connected to each and every one of them right now, in this moment. Imagine you are sending them all love and receiving their love in return. Imagine you are holding hands in an enormous worldwide circle with literally every survivor, from thousands of years ago to now, all survivors, every single one who has ever existed. Everyone. Imagine that you are all connected in your courage, in your endurance, in your strength, in your vulnerability. Imagine that you, yourself, are surrounded by this courage, strength, endurance, and vulnerability. Imagine that you are all together, supporting each other, quietly, gracefully, righteously. You are not focused on what happened to you, but simply on your togetherness in courage, endurance, strength and vulnerability. Ancestors upon ancestors lend their courage, endurance, strength, and vulnerability to this worldwide collective of survivors. Imagine you can feel the pulsing energy alive among you all, in you, in your heart, in your mind, and in your body. And imagine that in every moment of every day, that tenacity is with you, to access, to know, to feel, to become, to be, to share. 

Call into your heart the feeling  that you are an amazing force in the world yourself. Call into your heart the feeling of togetherness and resolve and even joy. Call into your heart the fierce and righteous boundaries of a recovery warrior.

And make your wellness, functioning, peace, and community the center of your beautiful, radical, precious life. The best revenge is a life well-lived. Together, it's possible.

Note: this blog post is not clinical therapeutic advice or clinical recommendations. If you are seeking mental health support related to a sexual assault, please consider calling your therapist or the National Sexual Assault Hotline available through RAINN at: 800-656-HOPE

NEW Process Group!



How do we navigate a world in which power and authority structures exist and impact us, in both positive and negative ways, while maintaining recovery? How do we challenge the “status quo” both internally and externally while taking care of ourselves and vice versa? How do we bring our psychological wellness into alignment with our radical beliefs and practices?

This process group is for those recovering from eating disorders, addictions, and codependency who identify as Queer, Gender Expansive, Poly, Kinky, and/or otherwise subverting of hegemonic "norms," wherein an explicit aspect of the group is looking at recovering from larger oppressive systems, in addition to internal personal symptoms. The group also explores how to incorporate Radical Acceptance into an activist or counter (dominant) cultural life or belief system.

This group includes as an overt process component examining group members' relationship to power and authority in the therapy relationship itself, as clients seek radical recovery not only from eating disorders, addictions, and codependency but also from entrenched dynamics that no longer serve them in relation to authority figures and institutions. As a therapist is a type of authority figure and Ride The Wave Recovery is an institution, the interplay of power, authority, and recovery is up for observation, discussion, and healing work in this group in the here-and-now.

The group is also open to monogamous, cis, non-kinky, and/or het clients who may identify as personally or politically subversive in some way(s) and would like to bring their spiritual, physical, and/or psychological recovery into alignment with their more radical belief systems.

The group includes some readings and discussion, but is primarily a here-and-now process group. The group is run by Katherine. All potential members must be assessed prior to joining the group.

Eating Disorders and Gender Identity: A Webinar from The Lotus Collaborative

Really happy to share this great resource from local treatment center The Lotus Collaborative. Here, Micah Hammond, LPCC, offers a presentation on treating eating disorders for those who may be trans, non-binary, or otherwise gender expansive.  A great training that takes into account how eating disorders and TGNC identities overlap and how clinicians need to understand the specific needs of these populations. Thank you, Micah and TLC!