Location: Santa Cruz

DBT Mindfulness & Skills Group Series

TUESDAYS 7-8:45pm

Next series starts: January 14, 2020!

This is a 22-session series for adults that teaches all the core skills of Dialectical Behavior Therapy to a committed group of recovering individuals. This group may be helpful for those who struggle with their own emotional volatility or hypersensitivity in their personal or professional lives, unstable friendships, self-harm, emotionally manipulative communication patterns, reactive suicidality, overwhelming helplessness, emotional eating, sex or gambling or other form of process addiction, and substance abuse.

All potential members must be assessed prior to beginning the series. Group members receive all skills and homework in a DBT binder as well as access to skills coaching and a weekly check-in email outside the group for the duration of the series. 

There are 2 Series per year. Typically one starts in the Winter and one starts in the Summer.

Katherine Zwick runs this group; she was trained in an adherent DBT treatment center and supervised by a certified DBT practitioner for 3 years and brings as much of adherent DBT as she can to an outpatient private practice, though it is modified to fit the setting.