• Please email us via our Contact page submission form (preferred) or call the main line in order to schedule an initial free 10-minute consultation.

  • You will hear back from our Intake Coordinator via phone or email who will schedule a 10-minute consultation with you.

  • If from the initial consultation, outpatient therapy at Ride The Wave seems like it might be a good fit for you, you and the Intake Coordinator will schedule a clinical assessment with a therapist in our offices either in Santa Cruz or Oakland.

  • The Intake Coordinator will send you an email from a secure patient portal with all the information and documentation you will need for your assessment.

  • In your clinical assessment with a therapist in the office, you and your assessor will discuss your treatment history, current needs and treatment goals, as well as determine if group therapy is indicated to help you reach your goals.

  • After your assessment, if you are recommended for services at Ride The Wave Recovery, there are a number of different next steps that may occur. If you are recommended for individual therapy, you will be scheduled to meet with your individual therapist for the first session with them.

  • If you are recommended for group therapy, you will be scheduled to meet with the group therapist for at least two individual sessions - at a significantly reduced rate as compared to our regular individual session fees - prior to joining a group, so that you and the group therapist can get to know each other better, delve deeper into the clinical issues that are going to be addressed in a group, go over group guidelines, the structure and methodology of the group or groups you are going to join, and for you to get a feel for the group therapist before you make a commitment to starting the group.

Please be informed that group therapy is an essential component of Ride The Wave Recovery and is considered by us a crucial aspect of recovery from eating disorders, addictions, trauma, and codependency.

FEES for Services


Health Insurance

Fees for Service (Updated 6/19)

Individual, Family & Couples Services:

Clinical Assessments: $150-$225

50-60 min individual session: $135-$200

60 min couples/family or EMDR/experiential/somatic psychotherapy session: $150-$250

75 min couples/family session or EMDR/experiential/somatic psychotherapy: $175-$275

Group Therapy Services:

Group therapy prices range from $55-$75 per person per group and vary depending on the type and length of the group (for example, some groups require the provision of materials by RtW and significant preparation on the part of the clinician and that is factored in to the cost of the group).

Health Insurance Information:

Clients pay for services with Ride The Wave Recovery upfront. Upon request, we provide clients with a Superbill template as well as instructions for how to administrate and submit ongoing Superbills to their insurance companies for reimbursement if they would like to. 

Health insurance coverage depends on your particular plan. Some insurance plans may cover some or all of your psychotherapy. Please inquire with your insurance plan to determine coverage for out-of-network mental health outpatient therapy.

We offer a committed number of individual and group spots for sliding scale clients. Please feel free to inquire about sliding scale to see if we have availability.

Intake documents

Our consent forms are available to be completed through our secure and HIPAA-compliant Client Portal. We ask that clients please fill these out in-advance of their assessment so that the assessment can be spent in clinical interview with the assessor.