At RtW, we approach recovery from a particular vantage point, with specific assumptions, which are:

  • How people have been living their lives in eating disorders, other process addictions, and substance addictions has been causing them suffering in some way; it's not working. 

  • There are other choices - always - for how to live one's life that are not destructive. Even if nothing and no one else around a person changes, every person has a say in their own mindset and approach to their own life.

  • Not only is it possible to reduce suffering, it also possible to increase joy.

  • Recovery happens in honest connection and collaboration with others. Isolation is a manifestation  of addiction; addiction is a disease of isolation. 

  • Recovery is not simply the reduction or eradication of particular behaviors or symptoms - it is an ongoing, sometimes lifelong process that involves rigorous honesty with one's self and others that facilitates sober, Wise-minded thoughts, actions, relationships, and professional lives. All behaviors - not simply those associated with a particular addiction - are up for observation in the healing process. 

  • Acting on shame is a leader of dysfunction. 

  • Feelings are entirely separate and distinct from actions; feelings need not be feared, though actions may need to change.

  • It is possible to live a life of joy and freedom - together, it is possible!

  • Therapists are not all-knowing beings that are any better than clients; therapists are fallible people, just like everyone else, available to teach you the skills, thoughts, and actions that may help you change your thinking, behaviors and life in ways you would like to

  • We find the answers together.

  • It is possible to heal from your past, letting go of regret, shame, terror, rage, and guilt, and move towards your future with newfound hope and serenity, letting go of unnecessary worry, illusions, and fears. It is possible to live in the present moment. To thrive in it.  

  • It is possible to Ride The Wave of your life, skillfully navigating the ups and downs with acceptance, peace, laughter, and curiosity.